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Welcome to Plano Family Dental. We pride ourselves in offering a safe, hygienic, and technologically advanced practice. Our staff genuinely cares and takes the time to show patients we value them and the trust they put in our team. We use the latest innovations in dentistry. Whether you are new to Dallas, TX or looking for a new dental office, we encourage you to contact the knowledgeable team at Plano Family Dental to schedule your first appointment today.

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Dr. Joseph & Dr. Chapman

Our first and most important concern is you and your smile. Our motto for the practice is, “We will give you something to smile about.” That is why we have put together a group of professionals, using state-of-the-art equipment to make your visit feel like you have a winning team on your side. Plano Family Dental is ‘home’ to our patients, and we welcome you.

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