Your New Smile Is Waiting For you

As a parent, you want the best for your child! You take great care in choosing the right doctors to take care of them, you provide them with nutritious food options, and you make sure they are healthy and active.

Their oral health is no exception. Building a relationship with a children’s dentist in Plano, TX is important to help your child feel safe and comfortable at the dentist in the future. Your team at Plano Family Dental understands how important first visits to the dentist are for children, and we strive to provide an environment that not only feels safe and comfortable, but also fun!

Why Primary (Baby) Teeth Are So Important

Many parents wonder why it’s a big deal to take care of baby teeth that will fall out in a few years anyway? Great question!

Believe it, or not, baby teeth have a few very important jobs to do before they fall out, so it’s important to keep them clean and healthy. Some of the things baby teeth are responsible for are:

  • Helping your child learn how to speak
  • Introducing your little one to solid foods
  • Holding a place for, and then guiding adult teeth into their correct position

If baby teeth are damaged by tooth decay or fall out too soon your son or daughter’s oral development can be affected.

The First Visit

Did you know that your son or daughter should be visiting the dentist very six months just like you do? Our dentists recommend that you bring your little one in for their first visit around the age of three years old. When you’re child reaches this age, it is likely they’ll be ready for a ride in our “big chair” and able to let us count, and maybe even clean their teeth.

Rest assured that we will explain everything we’re doing the entire time, and that we won’t proceed with any types of procedures until you’re child is completely comfortable and ready for it.

Early visits to your children’s dentist in Plano give us the opportunity to monitor your son or daughter’s oral development and also teach them about the importance of their oral health.

Preventing Tooth Decay and Cavities for Children

Do you know what the number one childhood disease is? You might think of asthma, or diabetes, but it is actually tooth decay! Cavities and tooth decay are the most prevalent childhood problem, and it’s one issue, as a parent, you can do a lot to prevent from happening.

Here are some ideas on how to prevent childhood tooth decay:

  • Begin brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they arrive with a soft bristle brush made for infants.
  • Continue to assist your son or daughter with brushing and flossing until they are the age seven or eight years old.
  • Use toothpaste fortified with fluoride when your child is able to spit after brushing.
  • Teach children to brush twice consistently every day, and floss once.
  • Attend regular cleaning and checkup appointments at your Plano dentist every six months.
  • Offer your children healthy snacks and meals, as fruits and vegetables will help reduce acids in their mouth and increase saliva flow.
  • Lead by example and be sure your child sees you brushing and flossing your own teeth every day.

Children’s Dental Services Offered at Plano Family Dental

Dr. Joseph and Dr. Chapman love taking care of children! We look forward to building a relationship with your son or daughter over the years, and our Plano, TX practice offers the services your child needs to build a foundation of optimum oral health.

Here are some of the services you can expect to find at Plano Family Dental:

Cleanings, X-Rays, and Preventive Care

When they’re ready, we’ll provide your child with cleanings to remove the excess plaque buildup that contributes to tooth decay and cavities. As they grow, we’ll also take x-rays to monitor their development.

Our dentists may also recommend treatment with fluoride to help build and strengthen your little one’s developing teeth.


As your son or daughter gets older, our dentists may recommend sealants to cover the chewing surfaces of their back teeth. This thin protective coating prevents the acids that cause cavities from damaging their enamel.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If your little one does encounter tooth decay, we will use tooth-colored fillings to restore their teeth to health and preserve the aesthetics of their smile.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes removing a tooth becomes necessary in order protect your child’s oral health. Our dentists will explain why this procedure is needed and gently guide your family through the process.

Crowns for Children

If a tooth becomes broken, cracked, or damaged by decay beyond what a filling can repair, a crown may be necessary to preserve your child’s tooth. A crown fits over the remaining tooth structure and protects the root of their tooth.

Sports Guards

Since more than half of dental emergencies are sports related, if your son or daughter participates in sports, it’s important to protect their teeth and mouth from injury. Your dentist in Plano can recommend the right mouth guard for your child’s needs as a custom fit offers better protection from injury.

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Do you have more questions or concerns about your son or daughter’s oral health? Is it time to schedule their first visit, or their next visit? Whatever the case may be, the entire team at Plano Family Dental looks forward to welcoming your child to our practice! We offer convenient early morning, afternoon, and Friday appointments designed to accommodate any busy schedule.

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