Your New Smile Is Waiting For you

Dental implants are an excellent investment in your smile. While they may come at a higher upfront cost compared to other options of tooth replacement, nothing does the job of replacing missing teeth quite as well as this method. That's why dental implants are currently increasing in popularity across the United States.

The total cost of dental implants in Dallas will depend on a few factors. Keep reading to get a better idea of what you can expect to pay for dental implants -- and why it's well worth the price, or you can call us anytime for more information!


No two dental implant procedures are the same, and what you pay may vary widely from friends or family who has had dental implants. Several considerations impact the overall cost of dental implants. They include;

How many teeth are missing? Each dental implant post is priced individually, so the total will be most heavily influenced by the number of teeth you are having replaced.

How healthy your jaw is. Dental implants require plenty of strong, healthy jaw bone to anchor properly. Without it, they are at risk of failure. A bone graft or sinus lift may be necessary first to create the right environment for dental implants. What are the implants made of? 

Most implant posts are titanium, but patients who are alle rgic or sensitive to metal may require ceramic or zirconia posts. This is a costlier Where in the jaw, the implants will be placed. Because front teeth are a bit more complex to replace due to aesthetic concerns, the cost of placing implants here is also higher.


The only way to find out just how much your dental implant procedure will cost is to schedule an appointment with our office. During a consultation, our specially trained dentist, Dr Joseph will evaluate your jaw bone, the extent of your tooth loss, and other factors to give you a close estimate of how much you need to budget for dental implants. Once we have this number, we can discuss ways to make dental implants more affordable.

Unfortunately, dental insurance does not always provide coverage for this replacement option - even though it is well-known as the best method ava,ilable. We can help you acquire third party financing or do an in-house payment plan, so you can make smaller payments towards the total cost of the treatment. No matter the cost of your dental implant procedure, remember that you are making an excellent decision for your oral and overall health when you choose this method. Nothing else gives you back the entire tooth from the root up -- and that makes dental implants worth their weight in gold!


Are you interested in dental implants? Then you will need to know how much yours will cost. Dr. Varun Joseph in Dallas can give you an estimate during an implant consultatio -- go ahead and request an appointment with the team at Plano Family Dental today!