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If you're experiencing tooth pain or have been told you need a root canal, you may be searching for an endodontist near me. Choosing the right endodontist is crucial to ensure your root canal is performed successfully. At Plano Family Dental, Dr. Gary Randall Middleton, often referred to as Dr. Randy Middleton, is the leading endodontist serving Plano, TX, and surrounding areas.

What is an Endodontist? An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving damaged teeth. While general dentists can perform root canals, endodontists devote their entire practice to root canal procedures and treatments involving tooth pulp. With advanced training and expertise in endodontic care, endodontists like Dr. Middleton provide exceptional treatment to give patients the best chance of saving their natural teeth.

Why Choose an Endodontist for Root Canal Treatment? While both general dentists and endodontists perform root canals, endodontists are specialists dedicated solely to root canal treatment. Their advanced skills, knowledge, and technologies allow them to perform more precise and thorough procedures.

Benefits of seeing an endodontist like Dr. Middleton include:

  • Advanced diagnostics to accurately identify issues
  • Use of specialized equipment like microscopes for superior visualization
  • Advanced techniques to fully clean, disinfect, and shape root canal systems
  • Better outcomes with reduced need for re-treatment
  • More comfortable procedures with advanced anesthesia options
  • Expertise with more complex cases and root canal revisions
  • By choosing an endodontist for your root canal, you can feel confident you're getting the absolute best care available.

Meet Dr. Gary Randall Middleton II, Top Endodontist in Plano Dr. Gary Randall Middleton, who prefers to be called Dr. Randy Middleton, is a Dallas native and a leader in endodontic care. He brings a philosophy of undivided attention to each patient, striving to make endodontic treatment comfortable and to build lasting relationships. As a member of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Middleton is committed to continuous professional development, attending conferences and educational programs regularly.

Dr. Middleton, his wife, and two sons are proud residents of Plano, Texas. When not practicing endodontics, he enjoys golfing and traveling.

His education includes:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Texas, Dallas
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio (graduated magna cum laude)
  • General Practice Residency, Texas Health Science Center, Houston
  • Advanced Specialty Education in Endodontics, University of Nebraska Medical Center

He holds memberships with:

  • American Dental Association
  • Texas Dental Association
  • American Association of Endodontists

With his advanced endodontic training, Dr. Middleton performs all aspects of root canal therapy. Services he provides include:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Root canal retreatment when initial treatment fails
  • Apicoectomies or root end surgery
  • Treatment of dental trauma, cracks, and fractures
  • Management of dental pain emergencies
  • Vital pulp therapy to save damaged pulp tissue

Dr. Middleton utilizes advanced technologies like digital imaging, microscopes, ultrasonics, and nickel-titanium instruments for superior root canal treatments. His commitment to patient comfort ensures an anxiety-free visit.

Trust Plano’s Top Endodontist for Your Root Canal If you’ve been told you need a root canal or are looking for an endodontist near me, choose the team of specialists at Plano Family Dental. Dr. Randy Middleton is the leading endodontist in Plano, providing precise, gentle, and advanced root canal treatments. With his expertise, you can feel confident in a successful outcome.

Contact Plano Family Dental today at (972) 867-5090 or visit our website to request an appointment with Dr. Middleton, the top endodontist in Plano and surrounding areas. We look forward to providing you with compassionate specialty dental care.

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